Richa had initially refused 'Love Sonia' role

Actress Richa Chadha, who will be seen portraying the role of a brothel owner and a trafficked rape victim in "Love Sonia", initially had reservations about playing the character of Madhuri.

Richa was afraid to essay the role as the subject was very sensitive, and she didn't want to be typecast.

"Love Sonia" director Tabrez Noorani said in a statement: "Richa was the only actor that I had to chase on the project. She agreed to do the film when we had almost given up."

The movie has been doing the rounds at international film galas, and will be screened at the forthcoming Indian Film Festival of Melbourne (IFFM).

She is glad she took the decision to do the film.

"I didn't know because the theme was so sensitive, I was conflicted about how it would be implemented correctly and I had said 'no' because I was initially very confused about how as I had been doing some work with trafficked children. I was confused how this would be portrayed and if the part was going to turn out the way it was written... That's why I turned it down initially.

"But when the director made me feel secure and confident that he was not going to do anything of that sort, I agreed to do it and this happened on the first day of shoot pretty much," Richa said.