08 Dec 2022

Janhvi Kapoor: I'm like that needy, irritating sister to Khushi

Mumbai, Nov 10 (IANS) Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi have redefined sisterhood goals with their posts on social media. Just like any other sibling, the Bollywood actress says she is the needy, irritating sister, who would fight with Khushi when she isn't spending time with her.

Janhvi in a conversation with IANS, spoke about sisterhood and her evolved equation with Khushi, who she says at one time did not like the way the 'Dhadak' actress dressed.

Janhvi said: "We had our phase where borrowing clothes was a big taboo. We'd act like there's a big war going on but honestly now we are not even the same size so I can't take a lot of her clothes. But now she is okay with how I am dressing but I think a couple of months ago she hated the way I was dressing."

"So she was like please take my clothes. Don't wear what you own. Like please let me help you. Now she thinks like a social service to let me wear her clothes," the actress said with a laugh.

However, Janhvi is very close to her sister Khushi, who is all set to make her acting debut with Zoya Aktar's adaptation of the comic 'The Archies'.

"I love her. I am the crazy one in the equation. I think I am very needy. Like I need her to till I fall asleep I am like Khushi please sit in my room till I fall asleep or like when I wake up I snuggle into bed with her and I am like that needy irritating sister who would fight with her when she isn't spending time with me."

"I remember it was my last night before the shoot and I forgot to tell her, and she went for a party, and I started howling and crying. I made a big scene and she had to leave the party and come," said the actress, whose latest release is 'Mili'.