08 Dec 2022

Jason Tham on his role in 'Rocket Gang': For the audience, I am the funny guy

Mumbai, Nov 15 (IANS) Actor Jason Tham is part of Bosco Martis' directorial film 'Rocket Gang' and the actor says he is happy with all the positive responses and comments that he is getting for his role in the movie.

"The feedback is all positive, especially from children. They loved my character. I was their funny guy," he shares.

'Dil Dosti Dance' fame Jason Tham has been a part of prominent projects such as 'Agent Raghav', 'Sanjeevani 2', 'Happy Phir Bhag Jayegi', 'Swaraj', and 'Grey Wars' (yet to release).

Looking back at the journey of making the film and the most challenging part for him as a performer in this project, Jason adds: "Being a dancer and actor I thought it would be my role as there is no particular colour or shade to my character. But to my surprise, it was the dancing that was very challenging as every now and again our director used to change the choreography for the betterment of the film."

"So it was hard for me to cope up, but I somehow managed. I even thought initially that working with kids would be challenging, but they were all a surprise package. I must say that they were all mature and really natural in front of the camera."

'Rocket Gang' is a kids drama, according to Jason, as the age bracket for whom this story has been made is between 7 years to 18 years.

"Not only us, there are also these five kids in the film who are the lead characters as well. This film has a nice blend of comedy, dance, horror, romance, and a beautiful heartwarming aspect about mothers. There was never a dull moment during the shoot as most of the cast and crew members were young and fun. I completely agree with the song Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji (Smiles again). No matter where you reach in life, there will always be the kid inside you who would always want to do or try crazy things, and trust me you should always listen," he says.

Sharing some fun incidents that happened during the shoot, Jason recalls that there was a time when back-to-back shootings made them tired. So, on this particular day, they were looking to wrap things up quickly and take a rest.

"This was the last shot of the day but unfortunately there was some technical issue either with the light or the camera that kept happening. So it went like 'action!' and we would act, and suddenly we would hear 'cut' due to the problem. That happened 2-3 times and we just started laughing."

"The 5 of us were uncontrollable and so tired that we just laughed to the point of tears. And just when we started to compose ourselves, Nikita (Dutta, who plays the role Tania) said "arrey yaar I wish I was wearing my smartwatch, could've checked how much I'm burning right now" and that was that. We snapped again and started laughing and then it took Bosco sir a while to get us back to our senses," he says.