28 May 2023

Marvel star Kathryn Hahn on fame: 'I still feel like a normal person'

Los Angeles, April 9 (IANS) 'WandaVision' actress Kathryn Hahn has said that she has never set out to purposely keep her kids out of the spotlight, but that's because she's never felt like her life has changed since being famous.

Speaking to Parade magazine, she explained: "I don't think of (living a normal life) consciously, but I think that it must be because I feel like I'm just still the same person (I always was). I always want to feel that same feeling. Whenever I'm working on anything, I want to feel that we're all in it together. I'm excited to be able to just have the opportunity."

"But then, like anybody, I still feel like I could be a receptionist at a hair salon at any moment. I think everybody feels the same way."

The 49-year-old actress met fellow actor Ethan, 50, while studying at Northwestern University and they both had to get normal jobs in between acting gigs.

The couple - who tied the knot in 2002 - had a stint living in a tiny one-bedroom apartment in New York, and although they fought over the lack of space, the 'Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery' actress looks back on that period "so fondly."

Asked if he was looking for jobs to pay the bills as well, she said: "Yeah, he was working at a Starbucks, and I worked as a receptionist at a hair salon right after Northwestern. We lived in a one-room studio where you open up the door and hit the shower."

"We would get in fights. Basically, I kept being like, 'When you shave, you have to rinse out the hair before I try to clean the dishes.' We only had one sink. It was that kind of an apartment. I look back on those days, though, so fondly. That was the New York of my dreams."