Key to fashion statement is figuring out body type

New Delhi Don't despair if you don't have the curves to flaunt. The key to making a fashion statement and attracting compliments lies in first identifying your body type and chosing your outfits accordingly, experts say. "Women have more than 24 body types but the most common are six. These are hour-glass, pear, apple, lollipop, brick and skinny straight shape," fashion expert Geeta Joseph told IANS. She feels styling is not always about following fashion statements blindly. It has a lot to do with how comfortable you are with your body. What really attracts men is the hour-glass body type as it is considered to be the most sexy. "Their curves are visible and hence get a lot of attention. Low cut V-neck jersey dresses, pencil skirts and elegant heels can make these women look even more attractive," said Joseph. As for the pear-shaped body, designer Rahul of label Sirali felt it is the most feminine of all and such women can make a style statement by draping a sari. "As far as Indian clothing is concerned, a well-draped sari suits such women the best. Their waist is their asset, so they should make an effort to highlight it," Rahul told IANS. In terms of western outfits, skirts, dresses and coats with waist belts suit this body type. "Women with narrow shoulders can carry off one-shoulder dresses really well," said Joseph. The apple shape denotes a round body. Such women need to put in an extra effort to dress up. "Women with apple shape should wear straight dresses with no pleats on the waist in the pants or skirts. They can also wear salwar-kameez. Their body type gives them the freedom to experiment with bright colours and they don't have to limit themselves to black and browns," designer Charu Prashar told IANS. Joseph agreed: "Women with apple-shape bodies should go for straight dresses. They should wear off-shoulder tops, if you dare. Highlight your slender ankles with a peep-toe or strappy low heels." Those with lollipop-shaped figures should avoid dresses that are too tight and should also avoid high-waist skirts or trousers. "Lollipop-shaped women need to put in an effort to equalise their weight proportion. They should avoid high-neck dresses as these draw attention to the upper part of the body which they need to avoid. Black is best suited for them as it makes an individual look slimmer," Rahul pointed out. Joseph said: "They can carry off pretty much everything as long as they don't venture into high necks and polo neck tops. A deep V-neck jersey dress or a draped dress can make them look sexy and draw the focus away from the bust to the waist and hips." Brick-shaped women are evenly distributed in terms of weight. "Colours and prints are not a restriction for this body type. As their weight is evenly distributed, they need to use silhouettes that can create shapes. Low-waist jeans are best suited for them. And to make them look evenly distributed, loose blouses are of great help," said Prashar. Joseph said: "Team up low-waist jeans with peasant blousons to create a mystery with your look." Joseph suggested draped dresses for the skinny-straight shape. "Just like the models, you can look in many ways. They can take advantage of their body shape and embrace an adventure spirit in trying clothes of interesting shapes," she said. Prashar said: "Skinny-straight shaped women have the flexibility to try different outfits but they should avoid dark shades like black and brown because it would make them look even more skinny." Here is a word of caution while wearing printed dresses. "Prints are the most difficult thing for any women to embrace, because if the right kind of prints are not worn by the right type of body type they can make you look all the worse. You have to be very particular and you must know your body type," Joseph explained. "Abstract prints can be worn by any body type. But for people who are plump or above medium gradation, prints are best suited," she added. (Manpreet Kaur can be contacted at