Roopal Tyagi wants to experience simple, real love story

Mumbai, June 13 (IANS) Television actress Roopal Tyagi shares that she grew up listening and imagining her parents' love story and that she wishes to go back in time during those days and experience real love stories.

Sharing how her parents met and began dating, Roopal says: "My dad was driving around with his friends and my mom was walking on the side with my aunt. He just looked at her and he wanted to know more about her.

He then started travelling around the same time in the same area to get a chance to see her. While my father couldn't gather the courage to speak to her, my mom went and questioned him about looking at her every day. That's how it began."

The actress shared that the charm of old school romance is missing in today's generation.

Roopal said: "I really want to go back to that period and experience this kind of love story where the guy really wants to know you and tries to persuade you to go out with him. I think that charm is missing in our generation today.

"In a world of dating apps where you are constantly swiping left and right and you move on to a newer option if someone rejects you, I want to go back and see this love story. And my mom is so stylish even today that I do want to go back in time and see how beautiful she looked then."

Roopal is presently seen in "Ranju Ki Betiyaan" on Dangal TV.